How to Avoid Being Scammed by a Roadside Assistance Provider


Slide-offs are very common when there is heavy snowfall, and the majority of roadside assistance provider calls during this time involve pulling cars from ditches. Unfortunately, there are a few shady tow truck drivers that try to profit from this, which is why we at After Collision Services in Los Angeles, CA have provided a few helpful hints on how to avoid this.

Do some research before the snow arrives. Check online to find towing companies in your area, and read about other people’s experiences. Add a few reputable towing service numbers to your cell phone, so you have good help at your fingertips. Ask each company if they accept credit cards or just cash.


Don’t call me, I’ll call you
Be wary of truck drivers that show up unannounced, and in an unmarked vehicle offering to pull your car out. In states which require a towing license, reputable towing companies will always display their Department of Transportation certification number on their vehicle. That shows the company is both insured and certified for the job. Just in case anything goes even more wrong, you will be covered.


Ask the company for an estimate
You should never have to pay a surcharge just because it is cold. When your vehicle is in a tricky spot and you need more work or time, then you should expect that cost to increase. Get an estimate upfront before you ask for the driver to come, and if the estimate seems too good to be true, then chances are it usually is.


Take a picture of your vehicle
If you have either a smartphone or camera, make sure you take a picture of your vehicle before the driver arrives, this will give you a record of what it looked like before and after the driver did their job.


If you are looking for a heavy truck towing service in or around the Los Angeles, CA area, you should call After Collision Services first today at (323) 250 8532 .